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HTU21D digital humidity and temperature sensor

HTU21D digital humidity and temperature sensor

2,50 €
2,50 €

Description:The HTU21D is a low-cost, easy to use, highly accurate, digital humidity and temperature sensor. This sensor is ideal for environmental sensing and data logging and perfect for a weather stations or humidor control systems. All you need is two lines for I2Communication and you C ll have relative humidity readings and very accurate temperature readings as a bonus!

Are There only four pins that need to be hooked up in order to start this using sensor in a project. One for VCC one for GND and two data lines for I2Communication. This breakout board C has built in 4.7K pull up resistors for I2Communications. If you are hooking up multiple I C2Devices on the same bus C you may want to disable these resistors


Based on FranceHumirelThe company is made of high performance humidity sensor, the new generationHTU21DTemperature and humidity sensors have set up new standards in terms of size and intelligence: it is embedded in a double row flat pin for reflow soldering.DFNPackage,The bottom surface3x3mmHeight1.1mm. The output of the sensor is calibrated by the digital signal.I2CFormat. Diverse output mode, wide operating voltage range, with high temperature accuracy and humidity accuracy.HTU21Series module is designed for low power consumption and small volume, with good quality, fast response speed, strong anti-interference ability, high cost performance, small size.3x3mmVery low power consumption

Important parameters of the sensor:

Power supply voltage:1.5V - 3.6

Humidity measurement range:0 - 100%RH

Temperature measurement range:-40C- 105C

Maximum power consumption:2.7uW

communication mode:I2C

Humidity accuracy rangeTo 95%RH 10%RH):HTU21D+ 2%RH

Humidity hysteresis:+ 1%RH

Measuring time:50ms

Annual drift:-0.5%RH/year

Response time:5 S

meanwhileHTU21DIt can be with Switzerland.SHT20,SHT21Implementation is fully compatible with the hardware pins can be achievedTo Pin Pin, no need to modify the circuit board. The software program is also in Switzerland.SHT20,SHT21The same can be achieved compatible with the replacement, without making any changes. meanwhileHTU21DCompared with SwitzerlandSHT20,SHT21Has a very good price advantage, very cost-effective.
HTU21DexceedThe small volume of the temperature and humidity integrated digital output module is made by the famous French sensor manufacturersHumirelcompanyIntroduction of a good performance of the product. Simultaneously,HTU21DIn terms of price, performance, power and other aspects have a great advantage.

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