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MH - Z19 C02 gas sensor

MH - Z19 C02 gas sensor - Carbon Dioxide Indoor Air Quality Monitor

25,00 €
25,00 €

Original Module Infrared CO2 Sensor for CO2 Monitor MH - Z19 C02 Gas Sensor Carbon Dioxide Indoor Air Quality Monitor MH-Z19


MH - Z19 C02 gas sensor is a common type, small sensors, using the non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) principle to detection of our fleet in the air, has good selectivity, no oxygen dependence, long life, built-in temperature compensation: lotus digital output and waveform output at the same time, easy to use. The sensor is a high performance sensor which combines mature infrared absorption gas detection technology with accuracy light path design and sophisticated circuit design.



  • This MH - Z19 C02 gas sensor has high sensitivity, high resolution.
  • Providing a variety of forms output modes, such as UART and PWM wave.
  • Anti-water vapor interference, no poisoning.
  • With temperature compensation, excellent linear output.
  • Low power consumption, good stability and long lifespan.
  • It is widely used in the HVAC refrigeration and indoor air quality monitoring.



Product model: MH-Z19B

Detection of gases: C02

Working voltage: 3.6V-5.5 V DC

Average current: <18mA

Shop mouth level: 3.3V

Measuring range: 0-0.5%Vol

Preheating time: 3min

Working temperature: 0-50°

Work humidity: 0-95%RH

Size: as the  picture

Weight: 7 g


Package Included:

1 x MH-Z19 Infrared CO2 Sensor


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